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Services Offered by Consystent

Year-End Priorities and Services

Get ready for next year and the effects of the worsening recession

  • Start with a Cash Flow Forecasting model. This will ensure your organization will have advance warning and, therefore, time to deal with any upcoming 'cash crunches.'
  • Prepare for annual Audit and Tax Returns; finalize the accounting and financial statements for the Auditors and the Tax Return preparer. This can significantly speed up the process and minimize total fees.
  • Review your Tax situation, facilitate actions that can be taken during the remainder of the year to minimize your company’s taxes and prepare for next year. Be sure you only pay the minimum taxes required.
  • Prepare your Business Plan – Operations and Financial – for the upcoming year, including;
    1. Sales
    2. Costs of Sales (Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Services Sold)
    3. Selling, General and Administrative (SG&A) costs
    4. Other costs
    5. Profit
    6. Taxes
    7. Net Income
    8. Budgets – Company, Division, Department, etc. – by product/service line, by type of cost – by month

A Business Plan is absolutely essential to running a business effectively and profitably. It puts structure into everything you and your management team (and their staffs) do and makes possible the tracking of actual performance against Plan and Budgets.

Specific Services Offered

Finance Services



  • Bank(s), Lender(s), Auditors, Governmental

Internal – Management

  • Actionable data in logical, easy-to-understand formats

Debt/Loans/Receivables Factoring

  • Review/Analyze Debt and Interest levels
  • Prepare Financials, other data for and assist with new Loans, re-fi(s), and/or increased amounts

Equity review

  • Stock, APIC, other Equity items
  • Prepare Financials, other data for and assist with Stock sale / IPO

Business Planning

  • Prepare Business Plan and Update


  • Prepare Budgets by Department and Type of Cost - by month


  • P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow

Financial Analysis – locate potential cost savings

  • Review/Analyze Cost of Goods/Services Sold
  • Review/Analyze Overhead, Selling, General & Administrative (SG&A) Costs

Tax Review

  • Review prior year TRs for potential refunds and future savings

Benchmark your organization’s performance

  • Calculate various Performance metrics and ratios measuring liquidity, profitability, performance and efficiency – compare against similar companies in your industry. Recommend/implement strategies for improvement.
Accounting Services

Infrastructure Functions

  • Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable (AR), Credit and Collections
  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Payroll (PR)
  • Fixed (Capital) Assets / Depreciation
  • Inventory and WIP, accounting for
  • Month-End Closing – organize, processize, systematize and accelerate
  • Review/Evaluate (R/E) accuracy (all above areas)
  • R/E efficiency (all above areas)
  • R/E Policies and Procedures (all above areas)
  • Financial accounting (General Ledger) – Complex Transactions, Revenue Recognition – per GAAP
  • Cost accounting – Actual Cost of Products produced/delivered and Services delivered
  • Prepare for and support Audits, Compilations or Reviews by outside CPA Firm (saves time and minimizes total fees)
  • Internal audits; financial, management, operational - find ways to improve how your oganization functions
Industry-Specific Services


Technology Companies (software/electronics/telecom/bio-pharma)

  • Revenue recognition, GAAP-compliant
  • R&D – expense vs. capitalize
  • R&D Tax Credit – Maximize benefit/minimize taxes

Federal Government Contracting

  • CAS / FAR / DFARS – Federal Government Contracting regulations
  • Disclosure Statement, CAS, FAR, compliance reviews
  • Rate/ICE submission preparation – Labor/Indirect rates and costs
  • DCAA Audit Support, Timecharging compliance
Miscellaneous Services

Other Services

Business Systems

  • Accounting/ERP/ERM – Needs determination, Evaluation of Alternative Systems, Selection, and Implementation


  • Review/evaluate effectiveness of Networks/ Systems
  • Review/evaluate effectiveness of PC support

Human Resources

  • Benefits Review/Cost Analysis
  • Policies/Procedures – E.G.; Annual Performance Reviews, Employee Handbook

Contracts Administration

  • Policies and Procedures to protect the company's positions


  • Interface with outside counsel

Purchasing (and Subcontracts)

  • Policies and Procedures to consistently get best pricing


  • Review space usage and suitability for purpose vs. costs

Office Services and Support

  • Review support provided vs. costs paid – e.g.; telephony systems, copiers, printers/faxes, etc.

The Consistent Financial Optimization Program

The Consistent Financial Optimization or “CFO" Program is a comprehensive, systematic approach to help you really understand your organization's financial performance and its ability to measure, monitor, and improve that performance across the entire organization. The program provides rapid and long-term benefits. Read more..