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CFO and Controller Services
On-Demand from Consystent - San Diego, CA

Consystent provides CFO and Controller services on-demand from a seasoned professional and proven financial leader.

  We are a Financial and Accounting
Consulting  Services firm - not a CPA or
Public Accounting firm.

We develop and implement creative strategies, processes, and systems to improve Internal Control, Profitability and Cash Flow and accelerate Growth. Our services can be provided through various flexible arrangements tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

Controller Services

Financial Controller Services cover the full range of accounting, financial, and reporting functions that need to be performed within an organization.

CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Services

CFO services are a step up – in terms of in-depth experience and may include: raising capital, assisting the organization with strategic thinking and advice, strategies to optimize the effectiveness and value of the organization, strategies for merger, acquisition, sale, or initial public offering (IPO), and others.

We provide both types of services because many organizations need both – either concurrently or at different stages in the relationship.

Why Hire Another Employee?
Consider a Consystent Resource...

When your organization determines a Consystent resource is right for your needs, you open up a spectrum of options -– each available on either a part-time or a full-time basis:

  • Interim or Temp – the responsibilities are competently handled for the timeframe you choose,
  • Consulting or Project Work – we provide the expertise to perform and manage projects for you,
  • Temp to Hire – the ‘try before you buy’ approach or
  • Assessment – if you are uncertain about your needs, we will meet with you and related stakeholders, assess your current financial situation, and provide practical advice on what to do next.

Choosing a Consystent resource ensures quality performance and flexibility of arrangement. We operate in an efficient, low overhead manner, and, thus, are able to offer very competitive rates especially when compared to fees charged by CPA firms, temp agencies, recruiters or salaries plus fringe benefits packages paid to employees. The proven experience and qualifications of a Consystent resource, coupled with our flexible, client-focused arrangement options may well be the optimal solution for your needs and without the long-term commitment of hiring another employee.

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