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Check the Financial Health of Your Organization

Consider the following questions regarding Finance and Accounting to see how your Organization measures up…

  • Do you have adequate funds to fulfill your plans for growth, expansion or restructuring your business? If not, where and how will you get those funds?
  • Are you considering purchasing or merging with another business, selling your business or doing an IPO (initial Public Offering), but aren’t sure how to proceed?
  • How long after month-end do you wait for your organization’s monthly financial results?
  • Is the information you receive accurate and in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)?
  • Is the actual data compared to Plan or Budget? You do have a Plan and Budgets, don’t you?
  • Is the data you get what you and your managers really need to effectively manage your organization?
  • Are the reports laid-out in a way that facilitates quick understanding of what actually happened?
  • Are performance trends over time easy to see and understand?
  • Is a concise, understandable explanation provided for line items that are unusual or significantly at variance with recent trends, expectations or Budget?
  • Is a ‘rolling forecast’ one of the reports provided – showing Actuals for each month so far this fiscal year and, then, Plan and/or Forecast for the remaining months of the year?
  • Do problems with the above areas permit your managers excuses for under-performing versus Plans and Goals?
  • Does your organization generally have adequate cash flow to pay vendors on time?
  • Overall, does your organization have adequate staffing in Finance, Accounting and related areas (number of people and skill/experience level)?
  • Do you feel comfortable negotiating the best deal on an upcoming occupancy lease, major equipment lease/purchase, large blanket PO(s) for raw materials, large subcontract(s), etc.?
  • Are you certain your organization is taking full advantage of all applicable tax rules to minimize your taxes – e.g.; the R&D Tax Credit, which covers many expenses not typically thought of as research and development and applies to both C-corps and S-corps?

Depending on your answers to the above questions, you probably know whether you and your organization need some assistance. We can help!