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Consistent Financial Optimization

The CFO Program Includes:

  • Discussions with owner(s), key management, accounting personnel, and other important stakeholders (e.g. Board members, outside CPA, etc.) to help understand the current financial ‘landscape’.
  • Review your organization’s:
    1. Balance Sheet – Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Accounts Payable, Debt, Equity, Financial Ratios, etc.
    2. Income Statement – Revenue Recognition, Cost of Goods Sold/Services Sold, Profitability, Financial Ratios, etc.
    3. Cash Flow – Usage of Cash - Cash in/Cash out, usage of Line of Credit and/or other borrowing, etc.
    4. Other Internal financial reports – Management, Board.
    5. Other External financial reports – SEC, Banks, Shareholders, etc.
    6. Basic accounting functions: policies and procedures, Payroll, Accounts Receivable/ Invoicing, Accounts Payable, various accounting methods specific to the industry and/or organization, month-end close, etc.
    7. Level of Internal Control (IC) – is yours adequate for your organization? Good Internal Control includes having procedures and processes across the organization that are understood and followed to produce consistently accurate data to account for financial transactions, control over receipt and disbursement of company funds, control over all kinds of company assets and complete, proper (i.e.; GAAP) reporting of the results of operations. Ongoing reviews (Internal Audit) to verify the controls are being consistently followed are also necessary. (This description of IC is greatly simplified for brevity.)


  • Analyze, evaluate and benchmark the results of operations based on the data/information available.
  • Develop findings and meet with appropriate stakeholders to discuss the findings and provide creative, but practical, recommendations to improve financial reporting and monitoring to improve the organization’s performance.
  • Assist with the implementation of selected recommendations for improvement.
  • Review post-implementation results to ensure optimal effectiveness (feedback loop).

For greatest value, we usually recommend performing the complete CFO Program for a new client, but we can do a partial or limited evaluation if only certain of the above areas are believed to be inadequate. Please ask for more details about how the CFO Program can provide lasting benefits by improving your organization’s performance, success and value.